i'm a simple guy, here to learn anything i can absorb about networking and web-developement. i have a long but rocky history with computers. i started programming on an apple IIe when i was 10 years old, and have enjoyed playing with computers ever since. i've never taken courses related to computers, everything i know i've taught myself from a book or resources on the internet. one of my most recent feats was setting up a fully featured personal linux server, from scratch, to host my web projects. i'm quite proud of that one. not often do i meet people with similar interest as i so if you find yourself interested in learning with me, please feel free to reach out. i really enjoy learning with/from others more than anything else!


a page dedicated to my leopard geckos and animal photography. also contains a link to my instagram, where i share my photos.

Big C's Pizzeria

a simple website i created and host for a small pizza company in my hometown, ft lauderdale, fl. (my first "client")


a wordpress page i'm working on for a friend to promote his hip-hop group, and so i can learn about wordpress.

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